Pulse Area and Production In the world, pulses are grown in 72 million ha with production of 60 million ton […]

Scientific name: Cajanas cajan Bengali name: Arahar Family: Leguminosae Importance • Mainly used as dal, though not so popular • […]

Scientific name: Vigna radiata Bengali name: Mugdal Family: Leguminosae Importance • Most popular pulse crop in Bangladesh • Ranks fifth […]

Scientific name: Lens culinaris Bengali name: Masurkalai Family: Leguminosae Importance • Occupies the second position among pulses in terms of […]

Scientific name: Lathyrus sativus Bengali name: Kheshari Family: Leguminosae Importance • Consumed mostly by the poor people of Bangladesh because […]

Bengali name: Chola Family: Leguminosae • Importance • Ranks third among pulses in terms of acreage and production • Contains […]

Scientific name: Vigna mungo Bengali name: Mashkalai/Matikalai Family: Leguminosae Importance • Ranks fourth among pulses in terms of yield (10%) […]

Orchids are flowering perennial herbs, which belongs to the family orchidaceae. It is grown in almost all parts of the […]

Cactus is the name of the one genus, but this has become common name for all the plants belonging to […]

The garden which is established in front and by the side of a home for nature studies, hobbies, recreation, vegetable […]

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